Postal customers with Business or Enterprise subscriptions will now have the ability to send swag as part of their sales and marketing outbound efforts.

Postal has partnered with SwagUp to simplify and automate the sending of branded items and gifts.

Now, Postal customers can use swag throughout the sales funnel to improve response rates, create more opportunities and amplify customer retention.

To enable the integration between Postal and SwagUp, Postal Admins should follow the steps below start the design and ordering process with SwagUp to connect with Postal.

Admin in Postal

Capabilities for Admin role include: Design/Order Swag/Approve Items/Enable Integration:

  • First start by logging into Postal - Select Marketplace

  • This will take you to a co-branded Postal/SwagUp page where you can select a pre-built swag pack, or design your own swag pack. Please note: the minimum order is 50 items.

  • Once items are selected, you will upload your logo so that the SwagUp team can create a mock-up of items chosen. Please note: Mock-ups are typically created within 6 business hours and emailed back to the Postal Admin.

  • In order to view and approve the mock-ups, the Admin will be asked to register for SwagUp. Please note: login and password do not need to be the same as their login and password.

  • The Admin will then request changes needed or approve their mock-ups. Once the designs are approved, the Admin will pay for the swag (credit, check or invoice). Please note: cost will reflect warehousing fees and shipping costs.

  • Once purchased SwagUp will direct the Admin back to the Postal Integration page to enable the integration. This is how Users are able to view and send available items.

  • When items are approved, Postal Admin and Users will be able to view ordered items in Postals as Drafts until the items are warehoused and ready for sending. Please note: this can take up to three weeks for production and warehouse availability.

  • Once available, items will move from Draft to Approved. Admins can add a note for the gift email, or leave that open to their company's users to individually add their own note. If the items sent have different sizes, the recipient will have the ability to select their size dependent on the items availability.

  • Users will see a dollar amount reflected of $0.00 since the items have been pre-purchased

  • Admins can add Swag at anytime for Users to send, just like any other Marketplace items.

How to enable the SwagUp/Postal integration so inventory can be up-to-date and reflected accurately in Postal:

  • Log-in as the Postal Admin

  • Locate - Profile Settings - Integrations - Other

  • Connect SwagUp integration - You will be asked to log-in to SwagUp with your SwagUp credentials

How to Connect SwagUp/Postal Video:

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Postal users can:

  • Have the ability to pull from approved SwagUp items in their company's Postals

  • Add a note upon sending a swag item if a custom message is available

  • Send one-off swag as they would a Postal, create campaigns, use in a Playbook or have it auto-send in a Trigger

There are a variety of swag categories to choose from and hundreds of unique items (scroll through SwagUp items) that you can select to be part of your Swag Pack.

All Admins have to do is pick out the swag items and upload design assets, then the design team at SwagUp will create customer mockups for you to review within 24 hours or less!

Frequently asked Swag questions:

Does reporting reflect swag?

Cost Per Touch (CPT) Reporting in Postal will not display the cost for swag at this time since items are pre-paid.

What is the minimum order for swag items from Postal/SwagUp?

Our partnership with SwagUp allows Postal customers to get started with at least 50 items.

Why is there an error in Postals stating Items Not Found after I have connected SwagUp to Postal and pre-purchased?

Items are saved in draft mode until they are warehoused and available to be sent. Once the items are available to be sent, you will be able to move the items out of draft mode to approved.

Will inventory be reflected in Postal for my Users?

Yes, we will display the inventory available by product and size.

When sending Swag to a recipient can they select their desired size?

Yes, if you have the Gift Email enabled, the recipient will receive a gift message and will be able to select their size based upon available inventory. Please note: We do not store the recipients size on file at this time in Postal.

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