The purpose of this feature is so Users can log into another Postal account in relation to their team. The Account Picker feature is enabled for clients that wish to add teams in association with a new Postal account.

Why Use The Account Picker

For example, a Marketing team and a Sales team within the same organization looking to have a separate budget and separate saved messaged with their own set of approved Postals for sending. In this use case, the Account Picker would be a great option for both teams to use Postal and drive their sending volume differently.

To locate the Account Picker:

  1. Log into Postal
  2. Navigate to the horizontal dots menu in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select Switch Account

*Your Postal Sales Rep. will enable your account(s) to be featured in the Account Picker.

See the Account Picker in action here!

*Please note that at this time, Postal supports one log-in that is used across multiple accounts.

For questions and to enable the Account Picker, please contact your Postal Sales Representative, or email to connect with a Sales Rep.

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