Setting up a Playbook

Playbooks are configured as multiple steps over a given time frame much like a drip campaign that send Postals out to your selected contacts. Playbooks can have an unlimited amount of steps and contacts added to it.

A best practice for setting up Playbooks is to coordinate efforts that match your existing marketing / sales outbound strategy. Think of Playbooks as another touch point and part of the communication between you and your contacts, whether that be a lead or a client.

As an Admin of Postal you can start creating a Playbook by selecting from your approved Postals and Saved Messages, or creates a new message for the Users. After a Playbook is created and saved by the admin, the users will have the ability to pull contacts over one-by-one or select from a pre-existing saved list.

Admins can pause, archive and delete playbooks. Whereas Users can add / remove contacts at any time using a saved Playbook created by the Admin.

Any time a Postal is sent in a Playbook it is synced back with your connected partner integration. Learn more about our partner integrations here.

How to Get Started Building a Playbook:

To create a Playbook, navigate to the bottom of this section to - Create a Playbook from scratch - Start Here.

From there you will be able to build a Playbook in Postal.

Once you select this option you will be asked to Name your Playbook. A best practice is to name the Playbook (for internal use) that is familiar for you and your users to identify who the audience of Playbook is intended for example, demand generation, lead qualification, nurturing, retaining.

After you have named your Playbook - Save - then select - Add a Step.

From there you will be taken to your approved Postals, you will be able to filter by category. Select on the item/direct mail that makes the most sense for you and your team. Think of this first step as the initial send and the first piece of mail your recipient will receive from you.

The first step can start at +0 Days meaning when you add contacts to your Playbook your gift/direct mail chosen for this step will automatically sent on the day you have added your contacts to the Playbook, unless you would like to add a greater delay. A best practice for Playbooks is to match your existing sales/marketing outbound efforts and cater the steps based upon this activity. An example of this would be, call goes out, Postal Direct Mail sent, email, booked meeting, gift sent, email followup, call, etc.

When creating steps in a Playbook we recommend the following:

  • Gifting by 3-5 days

  • Direct Mail by 7 days

This is to ensure gifts arrive spaced out in the order you wish your recipient to receive.

After you select your Postal, select a message that best suits the recipients. Choose from one of your pre-saved messages (set up in your profile) or type out a message here in Custom Message. As the Admin, you create the messaging for Playbooks from your saved messages, or create new messaging for your users! The messaging used will be available to all users.

Once Step One is looking as you wish, click Next - Preview your first step and select Save Postal Step.

In the next steps after the initial step +0 days, you will be able to customize the time frame and choose a delay that makes the most sense for the recipients.

To add another step to your Playbook, click the + Add a Step.

A best practice is to space each step apart by one week. Continue to follow the + Add a Step or Add Playbook Step to continue to build your Playbook.

Each step is set as a delay in days. The delay time is configured by the admin. This delay will show in Playbooks as days, meaning that the delay you select when configuring your next step is sent out from however many days you set the delay to be. So if you set the delay as 20, then the Postal will be sent 20 days from the step prior. Each step you customize and add, select save.

When you are done adding steps by delayed days, double-check one last time to make sure each day of your Playbook includes the correct delay time you want the recipient to receive the Postal and the correct messaging for users and your team.

When everything looks to par, click "Create Playbook". You and your users can now access this in My Playbooks to send Postals!

Editing a Playbook:

To edit the Playbook - select on the pencil

This will allow editing for the message and the item being sent as well as the delay time.

Best practice for Playbooks:

Download the Chrome extension, Postal Everywhere

When sending a Postal in the Playbook the activity will sync back to your Partner Integration. Users can also download the Postal Everywhere extension to send Postals seamlessly. Using the extension, Users can add and remove contacts to a Playbook with just one simple click!

Example of how to add a contact to a Playbook using the extension:

To learn more about Playbooks, see the Help article here to learn Playbook Settings and Configuration.

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