Saved Messages in Postal are templated messages that your team can leverage to quickly send out gifts, charity items, or direct mail. Messages are created, edited, and managed by those with an Admin role.

Creating Saved Messages

First, log in as a Postal Administrator then select your profile.

On the left side of your screen, you will Profile Settings. Select 'Saved Messages'.

We have preloaded your account with some saved messages that you can use, edit, or remove. To edit a Saved Message, select the pen icon. To delete a Saved Message, select the trash icon.

To create new Saved Messages select 'Create Message'.

The Message Title is used for your internal identification and is not seen by your prospects or customers.

Using Saved Messages

When customizing an item to send, select 'Saved Message' in the upper right corner of the Message box to access your approved Saved Messages.

To learn more about available Variables in Saved Messages, view the Help Article here.

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