Unlike the Gift Email Settings, the address refresh specifically asks for an address on file at the time of sending over a gift or direct mailer.

Below are the main differences between Gift Email Settings and Address Refresh Email Settings:

Gift Email Settings:

  • Gift emails are sent as a way to communicate with your contacts that a gift is being delivered and to confirm the address on record

Address Refresh Settings:

  • Email for the contact recipient to gather a verified address
  • Sent in relation to a gift/direct mail sent out and used separately from the gift email as it is not personalized but rather to collect an address on file

When Address Refresh Settings are enabled:

  • The Address Refresh Setting is sent out at the time of initial send, then will be sent out upon your next send to that same client within the duration of time you specified such as every 3 months, 6 months, or annually.

Below is an example of a use case:

  • Address Refresh Settings is enabled and you have selected for the Address Refresh Email to be sent every 3 months
  • You send an item to Jane Doe. Jane receives email for Address Refresh, she then updates her address on file
  • The email is sent again in 3 months

Address Refresh email example:

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