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  1. Profile View by Permission Level

  2. You

  3. Users

  4. Teams

  5. Branding

  6. Integrations

  7. Billing

  8. Budget History

  9. Account Settings

  10. Saved Messages

  11. Email Settings

  12. Meeting Settings

  13. Warehousing

  14. Resource Checklist

Profile View by Permission Level

Admins have the following settings available to them:

Managers & Users have the following settings available to them:


'You' is the subsection of Profile Settings, which displays the User’s individual Stats, Campaigns, Teams they are members of, and the area to edit sections of your User Profile (such as First and Last Name, Title, Phone Number, Handwriting, and Meeting Link).

This is where you would enable your email integration as well.

Users & Teams

Admin Only

'Users' is where an Admin can add and edit new and existing users. 'Teams' is where an Admin can add and edit new and existing teams. To learn more about how to add Users & Teams see the following articles:

There are three different types of Roles in Postal: Admin, Manager & User.

  • Admin can add and delete Users to the platform, assign User roles, manage the subscription level, set billing and budgeting for accounts, create templates and saved messages, create and edit Subscriptions, and connect integration partners.

  • Managers can see user data and reporting, view all contacts, and view all campaigns and Subscriptions.

  • Users can create campaigns, add contacts, create lists and tagging, allocate contacts to Subscriptions, use the Postal Everywhere Google Chrome Extension for sending, create messages when the user message is indicated for an item, and send items.

Learn more about permission levels


Admin Only

Current Logo is the section to drag and drop or upload your company’s logo - only .jpg, .png, .svg, or .gif files are accepted. Your logo will be included in your gift and event invite workflows, including emails and landing pages, and can easily be included in your direct mail designs.

Brand Colors can also be added. These colors will be used in your gift and event invite workflows, including emails and landing pages.


Admin Only

'Integrations' is where the Admin will connect their CRM to the Postal platform in order to sync the two systems.

For more information on setting up our various integrations, check out the Integrations Collection in our Help Center.


Admin Only

Billing is divided into two sections: Accounts and Team Budgets.

'Accounts' is where the Admin will access the Fund Management Account(s) and Subscription Billing Account for Postal.

  • The Fund Management Account(s) is where funds are added to the Current Balance in Postal.

  • The Subscription Billing Account is where Admin can edit the Payment Method for the Postal subscription.

'Team Budgets' is where you can add, adjust, or view your teams' budgets and settings. Budgets can be adjusted in multiple ways:

  • Budget Mode is how the budget is either divided (Per User), used collectively for everyone (Pooled), or there is no budget (Disabled)

  • Budget Duration is how often the Budget Amount is reset for each User (Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly)

  • Budget Amount is your spending limit/cap on items and gifting. Budget Amount differs from Funds. Read more about the differences here.

Budget History

Budget History outlines all budget transactions that take place including Budget Resets based on duration settings and Budget adjustments made by Admins.

Account Settings

Admin Only

Account Settings displays your Company Info (Account Name, Display Name & Primary Company Address). Admins can also toggle whether or not Users can view all Items and Events, even those not approved.

More information on Account Settings can be found here.

Saved Messages

Admin Only

'Saved Messages' is where the Admin will be able to create and edit pre-templated messages for gift emails.

Email Settings

User & Manager

'Notifications' can be set up once your email has been integrated. For more information please see the article Email Integration with Postal.

Admin Only

'Gift Emails' is where Admins can control the timeline that allows a gift email to be confirmed when it is sent to a contact. For more information on Gift Emails, check out the article Gift Email Settings.

Meeting Settings

'Meeting Settings' is where all roles can choose which scheduling method they would like to use for meetings set up through their Google or Microsoft integration.


'Warehousing' is where you go to set up your warehousing options and request warehousing services. Once you've requested services, you will be contacted be a representative to set up your warehousing.

Resource Checklist

The Resource Checklist is a step-by-step guide to help with the setup of the Postal account.

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