The HubSpot integration allows your team to harness the power of integrating direct mail and gifting into existing workflows! This helps improve your overall conversion rates, increasing customer engagement, and decreasing your new customer acquisition costs one Postal at a time.

Activating the HubSpot integration in Postal:

  1. Go into your account preferences and click integrations - HubSpot
  2. Click the HubSpot logo and toggle it on
  3. Next you will need to check the boxes for what you wish to sync over from HubSpot to Postal. Select the boxes that match best for what you would like to sync over. Such as contacts/leads, activity and any other information you wish.

Activity from Postal will sync back to HubSpot on the contact level

To start sending in HubSpot, you will need to use the Postal Everywhere extension for sending Postals. Learn more about Postal Everywhere and HubSpot here.

Activating the Postal Integration in HubSpot:

  1. Log into HubSpot and navigate to the settings menu
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Click on Connected Apps
  4. Click on Visit App Marketplace
  5. Search for Postal Integration
  6. Click "Connect App"
  7. Follow the steps to authenticate your Postal account
  8. Authorize the integration in your Postal account
  9. Place the module in your preferred location (contacts, companies, and deals)

Now that your integration is set up, let's start harnessing the power of Postal & HubSpot!

Creating Triggers for Partner Integrations

  1. First create a Postal in the Marketplace
  2. After you have approved Postals saved, navigate to Automation, then Triggers
  3. Once you have selected Triggers select Actions - Create Trigger
  4. Name your Trigger, Select the Integration Partner HubSpot, Select the Action - Start a Playbook, Send a Postal, stop a Playbook - Select - Create Trigger
  5. Follow the prompts to pick out your already approved and saved Postal for sending
  6. Once completed now log into HubSpot, see below for adding Postal to your HubSpot workflows

Adding Postal to your HubSpot workflows

  1. Login as the HubSpot User & Admin:
  2. Navigate to Automation
  3. Click on workflows
  4. Create a workflow from scratch
  5. Select an enrollment trigger
  6. Once you have your enrollment trigger, add a step by pressing "+"
  7. On the right hand side, select Postal - Find the approved postal you wish to send

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