The HubSpot integration allows your team to harness the power of integrating direct mail and gifting into existing workflows. This helps improve your overall conversion rates, increase customer engagement, and decrease your new customer acquisition costs one send at a time.

There are two major steps. First, the activation needs to be started in Postal, then finished in Hubspot.

Activating the HubSpot Integration

Only those with the Admin role can activate the HubSpot integration.

  1. Go into your Profile Settings and click 'Integrations' in the menu to the left

  2. Find the HubSpot logo and click 'Connect to Hubspot'

  3. Next, you will need to check the boxes for what you wish to sync over from HubSpot to Postal. Select the boxes that match best for what you would like to sync over. Such as contacts/leads, activity, and any other information you wish.

Activity from Postal will sync back to HubSpot on the contact level

Hubspot syncs the following contact information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Title

  • Email

  • Address (city, state, zip, country)

  • Phone

To start sending in HubSpot, you will need to use the Postal Everywhere extension.

Activating the Postal Integration in HubSpot:

Only those with admin credentials in Hubspot can activate the integration.

  1. Login to HubSpot and navigate to the settings menu

  2. Click on Integrations

  3. Click on Connected Apps

  4. Click on Visit App Marketplace

  5. Search for Postal Integration

  6. Click "Connect App"

  7. Follow the steps to authenticate your Postal account

  8. Authorize the integration in your Postal account

  9. Place the module in your preferred location (contacts, companies, and deals)

Next, it's time to set up Hubspot triggers.

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