Congrats! You're all set up in your Postal account and ready to boost engagement with your prospects and clients.

This article will be your guide to help jump start you for getting started, here are some areas in which we may be able to help.

Importing Contacts

When you import contacts, you will have the option to either do so from an XLS or CSV file. You can also import contacts from the CRM your company uses, or connect your CRM as an integration to sync over your contacts seamlessly.

To manually import via a list of contacts click "Import Contacts" under the Contacts tab to begin this process.

List from an XLS or CSV

If you wish to import from an XLS or CSV, select one of the two. From there select the file on your device which has the list of your contact information. They will be loaded in the Postal platform shortly after. All you have to do next is remap the fields to ensure the contact data accurately reflects what you had in your file. Doing so will allow you to effectively filter your contacts in your Postal account, which can be helpful in understanding who to include in campaigns.

See Importing Contacts from Excel or a CSV

List from a CRM

Log into the CRM provider your company uses to store contacts.

Once you are in, you will have the option to either "Import all Contacts" or "Choose Contacts to Import". When they are uploaded in the Postal platform, you will have to re-map the fields to ensure the contact data is accurate.

Setting up a Campaign

Your contacts are loaded in the Postal platform and it's time to set up your first campaign. Navigate to the Automation tab, select Campaign and then click "Create a Campaign".

This process is broken down into three easy steps.

1. Select Contacts

To start your campaign, you need to select which contacts you are going to want to include.

Select either "Choose Single Contacts" or "Choose a Contact List".

Use the check box on the far left to select single contacts from a list if you wish to individualize the campaign. Or, choose a contact list you already have in your Postal account.

2. Choose a Postal

Next, choose the Postal you wish to send that is approved and ready to go for your use.

(Remember you have to approve Postals for sending first in Marketplace. The approved Postals will live under the Postal tab). We have a multitude of options from customized postcards to fine liquor.

If you are unsure of which gift to send, click here to read up on some effective creative gift ideas we recommend.

3. Review and Send

Lastly, it's time to review and send your Postal. You can either have Postals sent instantly or select a time for it to be sent.

Double check the contacts to make sure they are the ones you selected. Also check to see if your Postal is designed correctly by clicking through the preview option prior to send. Please note if you utilize Account Variables, they will auto-fill with the correct information.

At the bottom of the page you will see the price per contact for your campaign as well as the total cost of the campaign.

If everything checks out, click "Send Postal" and you're Postal is in-route!

Setting up a Playbook

Playbooks are steps that are created by days spaced a part between each send. Within Playbooks, Postals are sent out over the course of a start and end time frame.

To build a Playbook, select the Automations tab, then click Playbooks. You are able to select approved Postal Templates and Saved Messages to send in a Playbook. Users can add contacts at any point in time after a Playbook is created and saved.

Set up a Playbook from Scratch

You will see once you select this option to create a Playbook - Start Here - you will be taken to the first day your contact(s) will receive your Postal.

Choose your Postal from the Direct Mail, Gift Card, or Gift category. After you select your Postal, select a message to go with it.

Choose from one of your pre-saved messages which would be the best fit for the Postal you are sending. Once Day 1 is looking the way you like, click "Save Day 1".

Click the plus button to add another day to your Playbook. This can be received the following day or as far down the road as you want. Rinse, wash, and repeat with whatever Postal / message combination you would like to include.

When you are done adding days to your playbook, click "Review and Save". Double check one last time to make sure each day of your playbook includes the correct Postal and message. When everything looks to par, click "Save Playbook".

You can now access this in My Playbooks and your Users will be able to send out the Playbook you created!

Setting up Postals

Clicking on the Marketplace tab in the top menu on our software will lead you to what we call our Marketplace, which is our Direct Mail and Gifting options readily available for you to select from - customize and approve! All approved Postals will live under Postals tab.

Note: Postals will be items included in one-off campaigns, Playbooks, or campaigns.


A last key component to the Postal product is analytics. We want to enable your company to be data-backed to empower great decision making and iteration.
The right most tab in our top menu on our application is called Reporting. Once clicking on Reporting, you will be directed to a dashboard holding information on your overall Postal performance.

Key Metrics:

  • Cost Per Touch (CPT): a measurement of how much it costs to have a contact be delivered and interact with with your Postal. This varies based on the cost of the Postals you send and the number of Contacts in the campaign.
  • Postals Queued, Sent, and Delivered: measurements to track progress throughout your send cycle.
  • Total Contacts Engaged: total number of contacts who interact with your sent Postal.

We hope this provided a great, high level overview of our product.

Each of these fields have an article dedicated to them, so make sure to read those if you seek more information about a specific feature.

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