As you begin to explore Postal and Direct Mail, you will see different cardstock options to select:

You will have the option to select the finish type (Satin of Glossy) and weight in most cases. In the photo above, you will see the options break down like this:

  • 120lb or 130lb

  • Satin or Glossy

  • Landscape

  • 4x6

You may see an option like this (above), and notice it shows 10pt instead of 100lb. What’s the difference?

The big difference between point (pt) and pound (lb) measurements is what they actually measure.

  • Paper labeled with points is measured by thickness. The higher the pt value, the thicker the paper is. Each pt. is equal to .001 inch, so 14 pt. paper measures .014 inches thick.

  • Pound measurements, on the other hand, are used to measure the physical weight of the paper in pounds.

For cardstock weights for our direct mail pieces (in the Notecard example above), the difference is negligible. We have selected these two options from our print house partners for the most cost-efficient options.

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