Billing and Budgeting go hand-in-hand, billing allows you to add funds to your account whereas budget helps you manage your spend.

Budgeting Setup:

To get started, log in to Postal as the Admin, locate Billing > Funds in your Profile Settings:

Set your budget based on what makes sense for you and your team, think of it as a way to ensure you are keeping track of your spend within Postal. If you are planning to mass mail and send gifts frequently, consider adding more to your budget upfront or over time adjusting accordingly.

Within Budgeting you will be able to choose:


  • Pooled - One shared card for spending
  • Per User - Divvied per user for spending

In a subscription level of Business and Enterprise, Team budgeting will be available and you can set per team if you wish to have a Pooled Budget or Per User Budget.


Monthly - Allotted budget per month

Quarterly - Allotted budget per quarter

Yearly - Allotted budget per year

Budgets can be adjusted at any time to match desired spending.

Billing - Accounts:

Subscription Billing Account - The account that houses the billing information used to pay for the subscription applies to customers in Professional, Business and Enterprise level accounts.

Fund Management Billing Account - The account that houses the billing information used to fund their account. Funds are pulled and used when your account sends out a Postal.

Invoicing ability will be held available for Enterprise level accounts spending over $100k a year that want a monthly or quarterly billing cycle. We will require the 1st payment period to be paid prior to usage of invoicing.

If you have questions regarding billing and budgeting please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Technical Account Manager, Live Chat or email for assistance and answers.

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