Billing Accounts hold funds for your team(s). Each account can have only one type of currency added to it. This article will explain how to add a billing account. You will need Admin access to add a billing account.

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Adding a Billing Account

To create a Fund Management Billing Account select 'Add Billing Account' from your Profile Settings > Billing > Accounts and then add the following information:

  • Account Name - the name of the billing account ex. Sales Team

  • First Name - your first name

  • Last Name - your last name

  • Work Email - your work email

  • State - the state you live in or company is based in

  • Country - the country you live in or company is based in

  • Currency - the currency you wish this account to be associated with (only one can be chosen)

Next, select 'Save'. By default, newly created USD accounts have the Auto-Reload feature turned on. You are now ready to add funds and link this account with a team.

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USD Account example:

GBP Account Example:

Note: Accounts with a currency that is not USD can only be funded by invoice

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