Billing Accounts serve different purposes in Postal. This article will explain their uses and how to add a billing account. You will need Admin access to find, edit, and add accounts.

Types of Accounts

Subscription Billing Account - The account that houses the billing information used to pay for the subscription applies to customers in Professional, Business, and Enterprise level accounts.

Invoicing ability will be held available for Enterprise level accounts. We will require the 1st payment period to be paid prior to usage of invoicing.

Funds Management Account (or FMA) - The account that houses the billing information used to fund teams. Funds are pulled and used when an item is sent. This type of account should be created with the intention of assigning it to a team.

To create a Fund Management Billing Account select 'Add Billing Account' and then add your information. See the example below.

Next, select options to manage your newly created account and select 'Save'. By default, newly created accounts have the Auto-Reload feature turned on.

  • Auto-Reload: To ensure your account always has funds available for what you send. You can turn it off if you prefer to add funds manually.

  • Add Funds: With a payment method on file, you can enter a $ amount and select 'Add Funds' to add funds to this account.

  • Payment Method: Add your payment method here. Learn more about acceptable payment methods.

Note: Business & Enterprise subscriptions, you may have multiple Billing Accounts, each assigned to a unique team.

Once a Fund Management Billing Account is created it can be assigned to a team.

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