To best understand how to use Postal Playbooks, we need to understand the main differences between an Admin using Playbooks vs a User using Playbooks.


  • Playbooks are created and saved by the Admin

  • Can edit a Playbook at any time, by pausing, archiving or deleting

  • Admin can disable a Playbook from active. If disabled, contacts that were added to the active Playbook will still finish and complete the steps

  • View metrics of the Playbooks sent out - cost per touch and total send in the Playbook Settings


  • Will have the ability to use and send a Playbook by adding their pre-existing saved lists or selecting from their contacts

  • Can add / remove contacts to the Playbook

  • Can send a Playbook from Postal Everywhere from their integrated partner

  • View metrics of the Playbooks sent out - cost per touch and total send on the Playbook and contact level

As an Admin, to make a change to an existing Playbook, please follow the setting steps below:

  • Log into Postal as the admin, click on the Automation tab, then select Playbooks

  • Next select from - All Playbooks - view all created and saved playbooks

  • Locate the one you wish to edit by selecting - Open Playbook

  • Once you have selected Open Playbook you will be taken to the settings of a playbook section

  • Select Edit Playbook to edit the steps of a Playbook - you will be able to delete a step (trash icon) or change the messaging (pencil icon) or Add Playbook Step

  • Once you are done editing, select - Update Playbook

To add Contacts to a Playbook, select - Add Contacts to a Playbook

If you are set as a user and admin you will be able to not only edit playbooks, but the ability to view the success of the playbook by status and action.

To archive a playbook, then you will select the next navigation tab over titled - Settings

 Within Settings an Admin will have the ability to configure the following:

  • Enable a Playbook - Automatically turned on when you save a playbook and add contacts to it

  • Disable: When a playbook is disabled, users are prevented from adding new contacts, but existing contacts will continue to receive postals. If you want to remove contacts from a playbook that you wish to no longer be enabled, please remove them individually under the Contacts tab

  • Remove: First disable the playbook, then select Remove All Contacts to remove the entire contact list

  • Clone: Is set so the admin can duplicate the playbook and add / remove / change steps at any time or delete the entire playbook

  • Delete: Remove / delete the entire playbook

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