Gift emails are sent as a way to communicate with your contacts that a gift is being delivered and to confirm the address on record. Gift email settings have the ability to control the timeline at which to allow a gift email to be confirmed when it is sent to a contact.

Gift Email settings are only accessible by those with the Admin role and are found in the Profile under Email Settings.


  1. Sending Gift Emails

  2. Gift Email Confirmation

  3. Gift Email Expiration

Sending Gift Emails

Choose if your recipients will be prompted to confirm by email before accepting their gifts. Users have no control over the gift email, it is sent based on the admin's settings for when and how a gift email is sent to the recipient.

  • Always - When Always is enabled, the gift email cannot be turned off when sending.

  • Default on - The User will see the option to send the recipient a gift email and check on or off. This allows the User to pick and choose if they wish to send the recipient a gift email.

  • Default Off - The gift email will default to off, but can be turned on when sending.

  • Never - No gift email will be sent out and no option is available to do so.

Gift Email Confirmation

If a gift recipient does not respond to the confirmation email within one of the selected time frames then select whether you'd like to 'Cancel Order' or 'Send Anyways!'.

Best Practice!

Set this option to Cancel Order. If you are contemplating using 'Send Anyways' please reach out to Postal Support.

Gift Email Expiration

The options for how long the recipients have to respond from when the gift email is sent to the recipient are between 1 and 14 business days. This does not include weekends.

Note: 24 hours before a gift expires, a reminder email will be sent if the recipient has not accepted the gift. (Does not apply to 1 and 2 business day options).

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