We wanted to not only allow a user to create and send Postals in our software, but in your Outreach sales automation platform as well!

Outreach Admin:

  1. Log into Outreach
  2. Navigate to your Settings by hovering over your initials on the bottom left panel
  3. Once in Settings, navigate to "Org" under User Admin
  4. Scroll down the page until you see the Postal Integration on the right side
  5. Select "Learn More" (this will prompt a new webpage to open)
  6. Install the Postal App via the new webpage

Once installation is complete, logout of Outreach and then log back in to see the integration available!

Turning on the Outreach integration in Postal:

  1. Go into your account preferences and click integrations:
  2. Click on Outreach and select triggers and playbooks integration for automation usage. If you are not using Salesforce and all your contacts are in Outreach, click the contacts button to sync your contacts.

Postal chrome extension

Download the Postal Chrome Extension by clicking the button below. This will allow you to add contacts from Outreach to lists, send direct mail, gifts, or add them to playbooks in sequence.

Where can you use the chrome extension in Outreach?

  • You can use Postal in your contact records or in sequence.
  • See the history of your sends from Postal
  • Add the contact to lists or tag them
  • See the amount of money you have to spend as a team or individual

All approved Postals will be available for usage in Outreach sequences

Please let us know how we can better support your team by using our live chat or emailing us at support@postal.io.

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