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What is the Direct Mail Pricing?

This is the updated pricing as of 10/22/2021. 



Dynamic Price


Postcard 4x6



Bi-Fold 8x6(Notecard)









Can I track my Direct Mail pieces in Postal?

Unfortunately, no. Once your piece is printed and sent, it is managed by USPS. At this time, USPS does not provide detailed tracking or delivery confirmation.

Where does the return address come from?

The return address is pulled from the company address that an Admin sets in Profile Settings > Account Settings under "Company Info."

What does "Send As" do on my direct mail piece?

For Direct Mail, the "Send As" name shows up if you used Message Variables. Example: your copy reads, ‘Hi {{contact.firstName}}, Thank you for being a great customer, {{user.firstName}}’. The "Send As" User would be used in the user.firstName field - just like a gift email.

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