The Marketplace is where Admins can approve and customize items for their team to send, as well as access our Postal Concierge service.

There are 4 subtabs in the Marketplace:

  • Featured Items - Highlighted items from our vendors and Concierge

  • All Items - Searchable directory of items you can either approve (Admin only) or request (Users/Managers)

  • My Items - All of your approved items available to send (User role necessary to send)

  • Collections - Start creating a Postal Collection here (Admin only) or send created Collections

In the All Items, My Items, and Collections you are able to filter by:

  • Status - Active or Draft (Drafted items are not available to send)

  • Category

  • Ship To - Where you want to ship the item to (international sends)

  • Price Range

For additional assistance please contact our Support Team!

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