As a User with Admin. privileges, you have access to create saved messages for your Users and team.

By adding Available Variables into your Saved Messages, you're able to personalize your Postals.

When copying a variable option into your messaging, this will automatically pull the sending users information and your contact recipients information to auto-populate. This is used for auto-filling: name (first and last), company, title, phone number and email into the messaging.

Available Variables

Example - Saved MessageĀ 

Hi ${contact.firstName},

I hope you are doing well! I figured dropping a note in the mail would be the best way to reach you. Based on my research, I believe ${contact.companyName} could benefit from a quick 5-minute conversation.

Please call me at ${user.phoneNumber} or email me at your convenience.

${user.firstName} ${user.lastName}

${user.title} at ${account.displayName}

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