Postal provides users the opportunity to customize their own direct mail through the Postal Template editor.

There are three sections within the editor:

  • Media

  • Element

  • Layers

In Media, you can create a text field, a border, add a user message, add a QR code, or upload an image. You can add an image to a design once it has been uploaded by either dragging on from your desktop into the designated area or clicking that area and uploading the photo from your desktop.

Once a media is moved to the design, it becomes an Element.

When you click on your text box and go to Elements, you can edit the font and select from any of our team's handwritings, as well as change the size, spacing, and color of the font.

Within Layers, Admin will be able to navigate between all of your elements, quickly delete them, rearrange them, or block them from view.

You can edit the front and back of the design, and then move on to select the size and material that you desire for the direct mail piece.

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