A key component of the Postal platform is Postal's reporting capability. We want to ensure your company has the facts about your sending use and is data-backed to empower great decision making!

By clicking on the Reporting tab, you will be directed to the Dashboard and Order Report (Recent Activity) that displays information on your overall performance metrics with Postal.

Key Metrics:

  • Cost Per Touch (CPT): a measurement showing the average cost to send an item. This average varies based on the cost of the items you send and the number of Contacts in the campaign.

  • Items Queued: Items that have been registered, but not yet sent; these pieces of direct mail are in the process of being sent.

  • Items Sent: when the direct mail/gift has been shipped and is en route to the contact.

  • Items Delivered: tracking when the direct mail has been delivered to the contact.

  • Status: Delivered, Pending Address, Gift Email, Gift Declined, Gift Expired, Processing.

  • Total Contacts Engaged: total number of contacts who interact with items you’ve sent.

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