Here are some best practices we’ve compiled here at Postal to ensure you’re creating and sending the highest quality direct mail pieces.

1. Simple Text

When you create a text box, you will see a note about keeping text to a minimum. We recommend you do this so your message can come across as clean and direct. Too much, or too small, text can result in your recipient becoming overwhelmed or disengaged in the message. You want it to immediately capture their attention and make it easy for them to take action. This will be the most effective way to get your prospects' attention and increase ROI.

2. Background Contrast

When creating an item, make sure to adhere to the Domestic Mail Manual which states that addresses and barcodes must be printed in a dark color against a light background in order to be processed by automation equipment.

Side note: Our QR Codes are defaulted to be black in color, so make sure that the background you select does not blend with the QR Code, or it will make it difficult for recipients to scan it with their smartphones.

To ensure this is prevented from happening, our platform hinders users from altering the barcode color, the contact address, and it's surrounding white box. The white box also surrounds the address input. Make sure to select a font color that is dark enough to contrast against the white address box, as shown in the example below.

3. Bright Paper Usage

Similarly, it is best practice to avoid using neon, or solid black background colors. The reflective properties of these colors often can skew the processing of the address and barcode information.

4. Text or Graphics Near the Barcode

Make sure the white box surrounding the barcode is completely clear. Do not overlap this area with text or graphics.

To learn more about our template editor itself, click here.

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