Postal Direct Mail

We have lots of options for the types of Direct Mail pieces you can create in Postal.




To get started creating a direct mailer in Postal, log in as the Admin and navigate to your toolbar. Select Marketplace.

Narrow down your search by selecting 'Direct Mail' from the Category dropdown. From there, you can narrow it down further by selecting Postcards, Notecards, or Brochures in the Type dropdown. Once you've selected your direct mail piece, you can choose to send as-is or customize the piece further.

Here are editing steps broken down for each piece of direct mail:


Postcards are a single, two-sided piece measuring 4x6 inches. Once you have selected a Postcard option in the Marketplace, you can customize the design and add personalized messaging.

Step 1:

Select the item you want by hovering and clicking 'View this Item'

Step 2:

Select 'Customize this item'

Name - Change the Name to one that describes the piece

Display Name - an external-facing name for your piece that will show up in gift emails and landing pages

Description - Describes the function of the piece. This will be visible internally by your team for sending usage.

Status - Set as Active for usage among your team or Inactive if you wish to save as a draft

Step 3:

If you wish to further customize your piece, click 'Edit The Design'

Side 1 - Dedicated to the address. Make sure to check our best design practices to make sure addresses and barcodes are legible.

Side 2 - Reserved primarily for the main infographic/design. Think of this as the front of a standard postcard.

Located on Side 1 or Side 2, depending upon which Postcard example you selected, is the barcode. The barcode is where USPS scans the Postcard on its way to the recipient. The status of the Postcard auto-populates in Reporting and your connected CRM. In addition, there is an allocated stamp placeholder for the mailer. The stamp is an oil mark equivalent to a First-Class U.S. Postage Paid Stamp

Edit Features & Tools:

On the far right, you will see options for:

  • Media - Text, User Message, QR Codes, Upload Image File

  • Element - Allows you to customize the media

  • Layers - allows for you to remove any layering you created such as text over an image

To add text to a mailer, you have two options:

  1. Select 'Text' then click on the box and go to the right side of your screen to locate Saved Messages. Saved Messages are created in your Profile Settings section and are pre-written templates ready for use.

2. Select User Message. User Message indicates that users have the option to customize the messaging based on the contacts the user wishes to send the mailer to.

At the top of the template preview, there are further editorial tools that will allow you to customize further:

  • X - Delete element

  • First Arrow - Undo

  • Second Arrow - Redo

  • Eye icon - Image or text is not visual, save as a hidden element

  • Trash icon - Delete

  • Grid - Grid to help you center and position elements

  • U object - Snap to grid, meaning the element you are editing will save to the nearest grid corners available

Once you’re satisfied with your work, or if you need to save your progress to come back to later, select 'Save Design'.

Notecards and Brochures

You also have the option to create notecards or brochures from scratch as well, following the same process outlined above for Postcards.


Notecards are bi-fold, double-sided pieces measuring 8x6 inches. The editing screen will clearly outline which side you are editing.

Side 1

  • Address

  • Barcode

  • Allocated stamp placement for the mailer

Side 2

  • Inside Top Panel - 4x6

  • Inside Bottom Panel - 4X6

Best Practice! The bottom panel is recommended as a place to add Text or User Message.


Brochures are double-sided tri-folds measuring 15x7 inches. The editing screen will clearly outline which side you are editing.

Side 1

Cover Panel

  • Think of this as the first element whether visual or text that your recipient will see

Address Panel

  • Address

  • Barcode

  • Allocated stamp placement for the mailer

Inside Panels - Think left to right. Elements in the inside panels can be horizontal or vertical.

If you would like to learn more about the functionality and breakdown of our template editor, check out this article.

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