Setting up a Campaign

With your contacts uploaded in the Postal platform, it's time to set up your first campaign! To do so, navigate to the Campaign tab and click the blue button named, "Create a Campaign", and follow the next three steps (below):

1. Select Contacts

To start, you’ll need to select which contacts will be a part of this campaign. Your options are to either manually select contacts one by one, or leverage the filter options to add contacts based on Lists or Tags (or another filter option).

2. Choose a Postal

Next, choose the Postal you wish to send. We have a multitude of options from customized postcards you can design to fine liquor. If you are unsure of which gift to send, click here to read up on some effective creative gift ideas we recommend.

3. Review and Send

Prior to sending your campaign, take time to review the postal. Details to review are:

  • Campaign Name

  • Postal

  • Option

  • Send On

  • Quantity

  • Contacts

At the bottom of the page, the user will also be able to review the total spend for the campaign. Ready to go? Click “Send Postal”, and you’re all set!

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