If you do not have an integration configured, you can add contacts by importing them from CSV or Excel. If you need to reassign the contact owner this process can be completed by the new contact owner to accomplish that task.

First, you'll need to create the Excel or CSV file.

Step 1 - Create an excel file (or CSV), with the first row containing the following fields:

First Name*, Last Name*, Title, Company, Email*, Phone Number, Address 1, City, State, Postal Code, Country

*These must be filled out appropriately or the contact will not import.

Step 2 - Import file by clicking on Contacts > Import Contacts > Drag files or click to select

Step 3 - Remap or edit the fields for contacts before completing the import

Once the contacts are remapped and imported into your Contacts tab, you will be able to:

  • Track Last Send
  • Created Date
  • Address Verified

You can also do the following actions:

  • Favorite one or a group of contacts
  • Send a Postal to one or a group of contacts
  • Save one or a group of contacts to a list (which can be later used for campaigns)
  • Add tags to one or a group of contacts
  • Or delete one or a group of contacts

If you wish to add tags upon import, you will need to create field variables addressing each tag:

The importer doesn't split within a column. For multiple tags, each Tag needs to be separated into its own respective column as shown above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I later connect to an integration partner, how will I ensure contacts are not duplicated?

If you later connect with an integration partner, your contacts' email addresses are used as the unique identifier to identify duplicates within Postal.

We will store information from your connected integrated partner, preferably this will be your system of record. Once your integrated partner is connected, any sending usage in Postal will sync back to the partner connected on the contact's activity record.

What if I want to update or add a new CSV/Excel file for contacts:

If you want to update the CSV/Excel file for the same contacts, follow the instructions above and the new file imported will reflect the changes made to the contacts.

If you wish to import a new CSV/Excel file but keep the existing contacts in Postal, go ahead and follow the above, your CSV import won't affect what has already been added to Postal.

If you need additional assistance please use our chat support or email us at support@postal.io.

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